Why is Bayern Munich so Dominating in Bundesliga?

So this Saturday Bayern lifted their 9th consecutive Meisterschale or Bundesliga title as people call their 14th title since 2001-2002 season. So we ask why Bayern dominating Bundesliga for is so long and why haven’t anyone challenged them yet.

This year RB Leipzig came pretty close to winning the Bundesliga however were left in turmoil after Bayern claimed yet another title under their belt.

Well Bayern isn’t just winning silverware after completing a successful sextuple only after FC Barcelona but their monopoly is also demonstrated in their transfer stories. Bayern believe in developing young players to world class stars and particularly German players in fact. Every German player dreams to play for Bayern because of their popularity in Germany.

Money plays an important role in their success. Bayern is the fourth most famous club in the world losing out to just Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United above. In 2021 Deloitte list Bayern ranked 3rd in their annual revenue estimating to be 634.1 Million Euros with Real and Barcelona ahead. Dortmund were placed 12th and Schalke and Eintract Frankfurt just in top 20.

One more important factor is Bundesliga Broadcasting Contract. Only 25% is distributed equally with majority being distributed on the basics of their performances both domestic and European and a further being given to the clubs for their production of U23 players. So technically Bayern are getting more revenue than a newly promoted side.

Administration also plays an important part in their success and Bayern are pretty good at it. Bayern are running debt from past few years. Bayern took a loan to build Allianz Arena super massive stadium and cleared the loan way ahead of the time given.  Till 1998  all German clubs were run as nonprofit organization and after 1998 the country allowed clubs to run as Public Limited Companies but until 2002 Bayern didn’t launch their until 2002. Also all German clubs must also abide by the 50+1 rule popular in the Bundesliga, meaning that the majority of the voting rights must remain with its original voting members hostile to a potential takeover from any potential businessmen. Bayern have 75% of their original voting rights with Adidas, Audi and Allianz all with 8.5% voting rights. Bayern also have a worldwide audience with the rest of the Bundesliga team’s lack. Bayern have set up many academies in Asia and look to continue their approach and are targeting North America viewership now. 

Bayern also an exceptionally talented and well organized higher hierarchy with club still being run by former players.                

So what’s the most likely solution to the problems?

 Distributing Broadcasting Money in a different way might be a solution with the lower ranked clubs getting more than those at the top.

Reinforcing some basic principles such as slightly modifying the 50+1 rule and distribution of sponsorship money equally might be the possible solution.

Moreover the clubs must be corrected at an individual level and money and resources must be redirected towards one goal.

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